Finding The One

Dear Mr. M,
I have a confession to make. I’m in love.
My life has changed. I think about you every day and how I feel when you’re around. If only you knew the confidence you have given me in such a short amount of time of really getting to know you. I always knew you were around, but I just didn’t think you were my type. I can be dry and rather flaky at times and I thought there was no way we could be friends. But I was wrong. You stole my heart at the first swirl of your brush and the first buff on my cheek.

There are many brands that have their own version of Mineral Makeup, some are great and some are not 100% Minerals. I stick to a brand that is close to my heart. I trust their product the most. I know the ingredients and I’ve seen first hand how this brand has changed women’s lives, including my own. Im talking about you, bareMinerals.

Mineral foundations are my personal favourite (if you couldn’t tell) and one of the key foundations I use in my Pro Bridal Kit. There is a colour and a finish to suit everyone’s needs and there are tricks I can share with you if you feel like your Minerals aren’t working for you.
I can guide you but not with the colours. Colour matching is something I have to leave to you, and if you get stuck, get your booty to a counter and ask for help! It would be impossible for me to tell you your perfect match without seeing your beautiful face in person.

BareMinerals do an excellent skincare and treatment line, but I will jump to the foundations.
They come in a Matte and an Original finish and the newest edition is called READY. I’ll stick to the originals for now and save the READY for a full review.

Matte is, as you probably guessed, a matte finish and is great for a more oily or combination skin type that tends to get shiny through the day. You get a much fuller coverage really quickly with Matte, which can make your foundation appear a tad darker than the same colour in the original version on some people. Get a colour match if you are switching from original to matte to be sure. I’m the same colour in both formulas and even though I have a very dry skin, Matte still works great. It doesn’t leave my skin begging for moisture. I use this if I want a really perfect flawless base for photo’s or a night out. I also find that if I have a breakout, my blemishes go away a lot quicker with Matte. Its great for humid places, so pack this in your travel bag. It does adjust to your skin temperature, so if you wear it to the gym and warm up your core temperature, you will feel a slight tingle as it adjusts. So don’t panic, it will stop eventually!

Original leaves you with a really healthy glow. If you have a combination/oily skin type and still want the glow, use an oil control primer to help keep excess shine from creeping in. If you have a very dry skin and want a more dewy look, apply a richer cream all over or just to the top of your cheeks. You can control where you look dewy – it’s my favourite trick. Be sure to let your moisturisers settle into the skin for a bit. In a rush? Add a Primer to suit your skin type immediately after moisturising to avoid any loose minerals from sticking to the moisturiser. I use the Original on most of my brides because it photographs beautifully and most women are after that healthy, youthful glow.
And yes, both have a SPF 15 naturally in them, but trust me, no flash back!

The brush you use has a lot to do with your application. You can invest in their brushes or stick to ones you already own, just make sure they are natural bristle brushes. The denser the brush, the fuller the coverage. Anything synthetic will put the minerals on in a maximum coverage. Use a synthetic concealer brush with the foundation to use it like you would a concealer, in places like around the eyes and especially the nose. Anywhere you want a little more. Use a synthetic foundation brush to apply full coverage to problem areas quickly, but still have a natural brush handy to then buff it in so it will last.

The technique: buff, buff, BUFF. Tap a little of the minerals into the lid, swirl your brush to grab every bit of the minerals and make sure the minerals are worked into the brush and not just sitting on the ends. Then close your eyes and get to work. Consider this your arm workout for the day. The more you buff the better the foundation is going to look. It will leave you with a nice smooth base. Repeat until you get the coverage you want. Some days I will wear one layer, others up to three if I am at work. Its your call and you have complete control.
The best part is the longer you wear it, the better it looks. It’s not going to harm your skin because it is only minerals, so anyone with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or eczema are going to be able to wear this daily. You might even find that it helps your skin to recover, as I pleasantly discovered.

If this sounds like something made for you, give it a try. Try it for a week. I bet you will fall in love too. And if not, no worries. There are so many foundations to talk about, you will surely find the one of your dreams soon enough. Foundation hunting doesn’t need to be stressful. Once your skin finds what it likes, it will let you know.


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